Hightide - Booking, solved

A free and simple tool
for organising bookings

  1. Add your awesome services* to an account
  2. Make bookings on the Calendar
  3. Manage and share your bookings
  4. Live the simple life

your calendar

Your calendar is a visual map of your business where you can easily check for availability, organise, add, change, move or cancel your bookings.

You can manage both Accommodation and Tours on the same calendar, no need for different systems.
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your account

Collaborate with your team and anyone else that has to be kept up to speed on what’s happening. Unclutter your communications, make it easy to access information on multiple devices and make your booking process easy to manage on the go.

Sharing options allow you to give different levels of access to users.

your bookings

Easily find a specific booking or list all bookings arriving on certain days. Possibilities are tremendous with our wide range of filters (we ♥ filters).

You can also split your business into several categories and use filters to manage them separately.
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